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We will structure our Tier 1 intervention program to the needs of your district.  If only 15% of your students need the interventions (students that are chronically absent and/or have inadequate attendance), then the program will reflect that.  Unlike other programs that charge the district for their total enrollment, we provide a specialized, focused, and narrowly tailored program that will help achieve significant results in year one and beyond.  All we need is limited district attendance data and we do the rest.  

Increasingly, districts are having to account for chronic absenteeism rates.  Our program provides immediate results and is very easy to implement.  At the end of each school year, InClassToday provides the district with a report detailing the results and the work we performed.

In 16 school districts across the US, our interventions have gone through randomized controlled studies at the Student Social Support R&D Lab at Harvard University's Kennedy School.  The notable studies are:

  • School District of Philadelphia, ~30,000 students treated (10% reduction in chronic absenteeism)

  • Chicago Public Schools, ~20,000 students treated in (11% reduction in chronic absenteeism)

  • San Mateo County, California, ~10,000 students treated (15% reduction in chronic absenteeism)

Each of these studies isolated our interventions to ensure that any reduction in absences was the direct result of the positive messages that we sent to families.  All of the above studies were conducted over the course of one school year. 

To learn how our program will work in your district and/or to receive a cost estimate, provide us with your information below, email us (info@inclasstoday.com), or give us a call (650) 641-9485.

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