InClassToday is on a mission is to improve student outcomes by reducing absenteeism. Our interventions use behavioral science insights to empower parents and guardians with actionable information and have been proven to increase the number of days students are in school.



Our Program

InClassToday is a scalable, cost-effective and research-backed absence-reduction program. We partner with schools and districts to reduce incidences of chronic absenteeism by delivering Absence Reports to parents and guardians at critical moments throughout the year. These reports help parents and guardians keep track of their student's absences, stay motivated to reduce future absences, and keep the importance of attendance top of mind.


At a cost of $5-10 per avoided absence, the program costs districts a fraction of alternative initiatives. For our district partners with funding tied to Average Daily Attendance (ADA), our programs generate revenue. To date, our ADA district partners have unlocked state funding 5x-9x the cost of the intervention.

Scalable and easy to implement:

InClassToday's programs are often one component of a multi-tiered approach to reducing absenteeism. Absence Reports reach all students at risk of being chronically absent   so that deeper, more resource-intensive interventions such as social workers or mentors can focus on the students that  need them most.


Six RCT  (Randomized  Control Trial)  studies have demonstrated  that our program's results are consistent across districts of varying sizes. These studies also show that  our intervention is equally effective regardless of a student's grade, socioeconomic status, or language spoken in the household.