our impact

InClassToday is proven to support attendance initiatives in districts of all sizes across the US. Seven RCT (Randomized Control Trial) studies have demonstrated that our intervention consistently reduces chronic absenteeism by 10-15%, and they also show that our program is equally effective regardless of a student’s grade level, socioeconomic status, or language spoken at home.

Currently, InClassToday partners with 25 districts, reaching over 200,000 families and preventing more than 2,000 absences each day. Here are just a few examples of the effectiveness of our intervention:

  • School District of Philadelphia: 11% reduction in chronic absenteeism (28,000 student study)

  • Chicago Public Schools: 11% reduction in chronic absenteeism (19,000 student study)

  • San Mateo County: 15% reduction in chronic absenteeism (11,000 student study)

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Our Method

ICT works with districts to provide Absence Reports to parents and guardians at critical moments throughout the year. By leveraging research conducted at the Harvard Student Social Support R&D Lab, we provide a proven, cost-effective, and easy to implement intervention to reduce absenteeism.

How it works

Our intervention starts with a districts partnership. After securely receiving attendance data from the district, we run analyses to identify students who are at risk of being chronically absent and most likely to benefit from the program. We then generate personalized Absence Reports for each student and mail them directly to parents and guardians.

Our Absence Reports contain crucial information that combats 4 key misunderstandings about attendance.  Research suggests that parents:

  • Underestimate their children’s absences by an average of 50%

  • Believe their children’s attendance is as good as or better than their classmates’

  • Think that missing a few days of school every month is okay

  • Believe excused absences do not affect student learning

Our Absence Reports go out to parents, providing accurate and motivating information, and they have been proven to increase the number of days students are in school.  

our history

InClassToday grew out of research conducted by the Harvard Student Social Support R&D (S3 R&D) Lab, which uses data and behavioral science to develop and test scalable, high ROI interventions that mobilize and empower students’ social support systems to improve achievement.  The S3 R&D Lab, led by Dr. Todd Rogers, worked with the School District of Philadelphia to develop the Absence Reports intervention to reduce absenteeism.  A randomized controlled experiment with 28,000 Philadelphia students demonstrated that Absence Reports reduced chronic absenteeism by 11%. The S3 R&D Lab then replicated the study with Chicago Public Schools and 10 school districts in San Mateo County, CA, with similar results, affirming the effectiveness of Absence Reports.

Together with Dr. Avi Feller and Johannes Demarzi, Rogers founded InClassToday to ensure that the intervention reaches as many students and families as possible.  Today, we work with districts of all sizes across the United States to increase the number of days students are in school.

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