InClassToday’s Privacy Policy


InClassToday takes student privacy seriously. We know how important privacy is to our school districts, to our parents and guardians and to those students whose data we are using and we are honored to be entrusted with that data. At InClassToday, we collect data from school districts and turn it into actionable insights, including mail-based interventions, to reduce absenteeism. We have this privacy policy to share with school districts and parents and guardians the types of student data we collect and the ways in which we use, disclose and protect it. (Note: This policy applies only to the services provided by ICT and not to our website. Should there be a discrepancy between our privacy policy and a contract with a particular school district, the contract takes precedence over this policy. )

Information we collect:

When school districts decide to partner with InClassToday, they provide us with the minimal amount of student data needed in order to successfully perform our service and measure results. The student data we collect includes personally identifiable information such as student directory information, attendance data and demographic data. We consider all student data to be highly confidential and take great care in protecting it.

InClassToday may additionally gather outside information on student addresses. Before implementing our mail-based intervention, InClassToday verifies and updates student mailing addresses with the US Postal Service National Change of Address database. InClassToday also records all bounce-back mail received.

We may also collect information from parents and guardians when they contact our Parent Support Line. We will only collect information necessary to respond to a parent or guardian request.

Information we share:

InClassToday never sells, rents or trades student data. We only share personal information in very specific scenarios:

  • External Partners: In order to perform our service, InClassToday may need to disclose student data to our contractors and vendors, including individuals (such as data analysts) and commercial vendors that are essential to support InClassToday’s operations (such as our mail vendor). Don’t worry though, our external partners are contractually obligated to adhere to data policies outlined in the Student Privacy Pledge, including security, use, and retention policies. For more information on our contractors and vendors, email info@inclasstoday.com.

  • To respond to a legal request: We may have to share data with law enforcement to comply with a court order or for other legal purposes. In the event that we receive a law enforcement request for access to a school district’s data, if legally permissible, we will notify the school district prior to fulfilling the request.

  • Successor Entities: In the case we sell, transfer, or merge our business, we will notify school districts at least 30 days in advance and will only transfer student data to a new entity if that entity has a data privacy policy as strict or stricter than ours.

  • Information back to the schools: As part of our service, InClassToday shares student data back with authorized school district administrators in accordance with our contract with the school district.

How We May Use Your Information

While the school district provides us with access to student data, it is the district and not InClassToday that ultimately retains ownership and control of all student data that InClassToday uses. All student data is considered confidential and we do not use it for any purpose other than to provide our services to the school district.

If contractually permissible, InClassToday may anonymize and/or de-identify student data and use such information to develop, improve or market our products in accordance with the standards set forth in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

How we store and secure your data:

Data Security: InClassToday follows industry standards to protect student personal information at all stages of providing our service. We encrypt student data both during transmission and while we retain it. We store data in a secure server and cloud-based environments that use industry-standard protections to prevent access from unauthorized users and all student data remains within the United States. Access to data is limited to only those InClassToday employees and outside vendors who require it to provide the service. All student information included in our mail-based intervention is contained in an envelope to protect student privacy and is delivered by USPS.

Data Breach Practices: If any InClassToday employee or external partner knows or suspects a security breach by an unauthorized party, we will promptly notify the school district. 

Data Retention: We will not retain any student data for longer than necessary to provide our services as part of an active contract with a school district. At the termination date of a contract, or upon the written request from a school district, InClassToday will delete all student data associated with the school district, including data held in InClassToday’s backup systems, within the time frame contractually agreed upon by InClassToday and the school district. If permitted by contract, InClassToday may maintain anonymized or aggregated data for analytics purposes.

How You Can Access and Modify Your Information:

Modifying Student Records: School districts provide and control all student data and are the source of student records. Parents, guardians, and eligible students must work directly with their school district to modify or delete information that may be used by InClassToday.

Parent/Guardian Ability to Opt Out: Parents and guardians have the right to opt-out of receiving InClassToday mailings, and may do so at any time by contacting us at the email or phone number provided on the bottom of each mailing. Opting out will not delete a student’s data from our records but will prevent a parent or guardian from receiving our service.

How we may change our Privacy Policy:

We may edit this Privacy Policy in the future. If we make substantial changes, we will notify our school districts by email 30 days prior to any changes and ask for consent. No objections by the district will be considered consent.

How to contact us:

We believe our student data policies should be fully transparent. If you have any additional questions regarding our privacy practices, email us at info@inclasstoday.com.